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Thanks for stopping by. New music coming up very soon!

The smallest Creature is the brainchild of Stefanos Marnerides, with the name starting off as an alias in 2007. At that time, Stefanos was writing songs and playing small gigs in New York, while also putting together some recordings with the help of Stefan Held in Brooklyn, NY.

In 2011, and after having compiled a good collection of songs, Stefanos moved to Larnaca, Cyprus, and The smallest Creature turned into a power trio with long standing friends and past bandmates Stephanos Nicolaou on the bass and Iacovos Stylianides on the drums. For a brief period, Pavlos Chrysanthou joined as a lead guitarist, while Demetris Marnerides accompanied on the guitar and piano occasionally.

Through rehearsing and over various live shows, the trio gave flesh to the songs and shaped them towards recording. During 2013 and 2014 they recorded 11 songs in Fishbone Studios, under the old Barrel House pub, with engineer Marios Hadjikos, a.k.a The Mole, a title won for the extended hours he would spend underground in the studio while the pub was busy upstairs.

The album is in the final stages of mixing and it will be released soon.

Stefanos Marnerides photo

Stefanos Marnerides

Stefanos was classically trained as a guitarist, with his studies starting at age 7 and culminating with an LTCL Performer’s diploma from Trinity College of Music at age 17. Introduced to rock music at an early age, although originally into a heavier metal scene, his influences are undeniably dominated by the alternative rock wave of the 90’s. He picked up songwriting at age 14 and has played with a few rock bands in his hometown Larnaca, and later on in Boston and New York, USA. He is famous for the craftily hyperbolic shape of his right-hand fingernails, a burden he had to grow up with in order to play the classical guitar - and not for (many) other suspected reasons. Stefanos did a physics and a maths degree at MIT and a PhD in theoretical physics at Columbia, NYC.

Stephanos Nicolaou photo

Stephanos Nicolaou

Stephanos was classically trained in guitar, the violin and musical theory. He has a wide range of pre-rock influences such as blues and american folk, but also strong liking in heavier sounds such as 80’s punk rock and 90’s grunge. He has played guitar and bass in various live and studio projects from an early age. Stephanos stands out for his smooth and solid bass playing, but especially his long fingers; it has been said that his index finger can wrap 1.5 times around an average bass guitar’s neck. In his free time he is a structural engineer like the guy in Prison Break.

Iacovos Stylianides photo

Iacovos Stylianides

Iacovos is known for his tough-love approach to drumming, a sooth’em yet beat’em style, with a wide spectrum of dynamics ranging from mellow jazzy afternoons to death metal midnights. Iacovos picked up drumming in an early age, with a pure love for music, and inspiration from local rock bands. Despite several classic-rock and alternative rock influences, he will always be a Beatles die-hard. In his free time he is an air-force radar operator, a coffee connoisseur and just curious.

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